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White Christmas

Ok, Halloween is over, so you know what comes next. Christmas. I bet you thought it was Thanksgiving. I know, I agree we trample right over Turkey Day. But, if you love design, it won't hurt to take a sneak peek at this stunning makeover of a 70's-built chalet all decked out for the holidays.

Designer Grace Castaneda gives a tour of her newly renovated weekend getaway. The all-white palette merges the 70's vibe with a clean, cozy rusticity. Perfect for that holiday that comes after Thanksgiving.

Visit Grace Castaneda's website, here. A big thank you to House and Home magazine. Best videos of all the online magazines.

And, a sincere thanks for reading my blog.



Painted Ladies

Thinking about painting my carriage house floors. Take a look at some of my choices.

This is just fun.  You'd have to have a large enough space to pull it off.

A classic, but would you grow tired of this?

Adds the texture this white kitchen needs.


Love this one. Breaks up the all-white in larger spaces.


Maybe a little too busy for me.


OK. We've talked about chalkboard on the walls, but on the floors? Cool beans! Would you use a chalkboard porch paint? Is there such a thing...

A little too whimsical.

Not a painted lady, but a beautiful classic anyway.

So which one do you like? I know it depends a lot on the space and furnishings, but hopefully I can upload some photos of the carriage house soon to give you a better perspective.

Oh, and BOO!!


Good morning

You would probably rather me shoot some photos of the beach, but, thought I'd keep it close to home this morning.


Last hurrah for the geraniums. They can take the winters here, but they become leggy with fewer blooms, so this week, I'll replace wth mums! I'm a little late with the fall flowers, but ready for Halloween with my pumpkins. 

Biscuit thinks she needs to be a part of everything.

Tomorrow I'll post about flooring choices. Take another look at the brick pavers in the first photo above. I'd love to have a kitchen or sunroom floor like this. 

I promise I'll shoot those beach photos later this week!


Ralph Lauren at Monticello

Well, Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's historic home in Virginia, sure is popular lately. Designer Charlotte Moss and House Beautiful magazine have seen to that. I love it, too, but all they'll allow me to do is write about it. Just kidding!

Charlotte Moss courtesy

Jefferson Foundation trustee, Charlotte Moss, brought Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation on board as a partner in 2010 when it was learned after much research that the Wedgewood blue wall color in the dining room wasn't authentic. In Jefferson's later years the dining room was actually painted a rich yellow.

Yes, yellow. This thoroughly modern man and lover of architecture painted his dining room a yummy yellow. Imagine how that looked in candlelight. I'm sure the color changed throughout the day, depending on the amount of daylight.

So Ralph Lauren and friends not only offered their financial support, but helped formulate a vibrant and representative paint color. 




Imagine sitting at this beautiful table as a guest of the Jefferson's. No doubt there were would be dignitaries of the day seated around you talking about Paris and politics. 

Sort of like sitting with Charlotte Moss and Ralph Lauren. Imagine the conversation about paint colors, teacups and texture. (Hopefully, they'd let me write about it.) 

If you'd like this color in your dining room, study, or tea room (ha), ask your Ralph Lauren dealer for 'Monticello' yellow. Be sure to also ask for the appropriate primer designed to enhance the color.

Jefferson has been quoted as saying, "architecture is my delight, and putting up and pulling down, one of my favorite amusements." Me too, Mr. President. Me, too.


Charlotte Moss at Monticello

Everyone has a favorite President (at least I do). Thomas Jefferson is mine, so when my November issue of House Beautiful arrived it made me very, very happy.  Great articles like '72 Shades of Gray' and  'The Jeffersonian Ideal', along with Charlotte Moss' visit to Monticello gives this month's publication all the hallmarks of a classic issue.  

Click cover and subscribe to enjoy from your iPad

Charlotte Moss' tablescape in the greenhouse includes Jefferson cups with gold-lined interiors and cordial glasses sold at the Shop at Monticello. As a blogger, I'll let that be a tease. Charlotte Moss, who has spoken to many audiences on a wide range of subjects, including advice to design bloggers, would probably frown on my spoiling the surprise. 

But, the following are some photos I know she'd sanction, photos that inspire and are so classic, they would be right at home with today's design.

Tea Room


Dining Room


Entrance Hall

More Glamarous view of the Tea Room 





I've been wanting to do this blog on Monticello, but I'm glad I waited. Nothing better than pairing a fav President with one of our best designers. 

Learn more about Monticello, and Thomas Jefferson, the man, President, author of the Declaration, and founder of the University of Virginia. How's that for a Renaissance man! Click here