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  • French Seaside Style
    French Seaside Style
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    French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors
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    The New Eighteenth-Century Home
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    An Affair with a House
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    French Country Style at Home
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Painted Ladies

Thinking about painting my carriage house floors. Take a look at some of my choices.

This is just fun.  You'd have to have a large enough space to pull it off.

A classic, but would you grow tired of this?

Adds the texture this white kitchen needs.


Love this one. Breaks up the all-white in larger spaces.


Maybe a little too busy for me.


OK. We've talked about chalkboard on the walls, but on the floors? Cool beans! Would you use a chalkboard porch paint? Is there such a thing...

A little too whimsical.

Not a painted lady, but a beautiful classic anyway.

So which one do you like? I know it depends a lot on the space and furnishings, but hopefully I can upload some photos of the carriage house soon to give you a better perspective.

Oh, and BOO!!