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  • French Seaside Style
    French Seaside Style
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    French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors
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    An Affair with a House
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    French Country Style at Home
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Lynda Reeves' Kitchen Makeover

If you're tired of your all-white kitchen...think, again.  Or, at least check out Lynda Reeves' makeover first.

Lynda, editor with Canadian magazine's, House and Home, decided to give her white kitchen a little depth.  Can you believe these are the BEFORE photos?  It's as sleek as it is quaint, with the perfect touch of modern.  

Incredible lighting.





But wait til you see the AFTER.

Click on the photo above and watch how she incorporates subtle changes, to turn the all-white canvas, into a study in gray.  (You'll have to suffer through the commercial first, sorry.) I love the video, because it shows the coolest glass-front refrigerator, and some of the black/gray accessories that give the kitchen its deeper dimension. 

Great tip on how to get the oil-based luster, with water-based paint.

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